Mike Zarn "Mikey"

Greeter, Dive Guide, Repair Tech, Gas Blender.

Mikey was certified to dive at the age of 13.

He learned to dive in Chesapeake Bay under his Dads watchful eye. Someone had to gig all those flounder! He is now a resident of Lantana and has been for the past 12 years. He loves the ocean and enjoys spending time at the beach with his wife and 3 kids.  He got a job at Wet Pleasures to pay for all his dive gear and weekly dives.  It's been 15 years and we still can't get rid of him.  Mikey has done hundreds of dives in our area and is always willing to give advice.

Bryan Mosos

-Sales, Dive Guide, Gas Blender

If Bryan is not at work or the gym he is spending his time in the water fishing or diving. Bryan is very good at catching fish above and below water as you can see from his picture above. He's lived in Lantana his whole life and his dad has been one of our divers since Brian was a baby.

Kyle Brown "The Bull"

Hydrostatic Tech,Dive Master in training,Tank Jockey,Gas Blender​, Regulator tech in training.

Kyle learned to dive at 12 and has worked for Wet Pleasures ever since. He is a prime example of how an "addiction" to diving can change your life forever.  Kyle is the best flag puller in the Boynton area and has become a highly sought after dive guide.  Kyle has taught many customers how to improve their lobster game!  He spends all his free time Diving and Snorkeling. 

Fossil Welton

-Shop Dog 

-Regulator Tech Assistant


NIck Duboy ''Pistol Pete''

​Gas blender, Hydrostatic Tech, sales

 Nick is an amazing diver and underwater hunter with a great sense of humor. 

He has been a long time customer and student  that loves diving so much he applied for a job at Wet Pleasures. Nick has learned the ropes at the shop extremely fast!  He is able to fill tanks, perform repairs and answer just about any question a diver could have.  

We have been in business for over 15 years​ in the same building with the same friendly staff.

We are a family owned business and all our employees have a love for the ocean and all critters in it.   We are all more than happy to share our experience and knowledge with our  customers. We have everything a diver could want and more.  We offer dive training for all skill levels and our air repair department can fix anything SCUBA.  

James Welton​ "Junior"

Store Manager, Dive Instuctor, Regulator Repair Technician, Master Blender, Master Of Fixing ANYTHING scuba.

James learned to repair regulators and fill tanks before he was old enough to get his drivers license. He loves surfing and diving and will take advantage of any opportunity to "get wet."  James has lived in Lantana and worked at Wet Pleasures his whole life. He has been diving since he was 10. He has conducted thousands of dives in our area. An instructor with more local knowledge does not exist.  

          Our Staff

    About our shop!

​​Wet Pleasures Dive Ou​tfitters

Mike Davis ( Mad Dog )

Gas blender, Retail Sales

Mike has been in the local dive inderstry for 30 year. Previsously Employeed at Reef Dive Shop. He got married on Starfish Enterprise. He's a true expert on Fishing And Lopster hunting. He knows all the local Reef like the back of his hand.

JIm HIll "Capt. Jim''

Jim is the owner and captain of  The Loggerhead, a 38 foot purpose built scuba dive boat that holds a maximum of 20 divers.  With a constant eye on the ocean Capt. Jim has ability to ensure you have an excellent diving experience.  From wrecks to reefs he's got you covered!

"DIVE DIVE DIVE! Get OFF my boat!"


Regulator Tech, Dive Master In Training 

Mick was an open water student at Wet Pleasures. He got bit by the diving bug so bad that he hung around the shop until we taught him how to rebuild regulators. Mick is always looking for an excuse to go diving. He is a great guy to chat with and is always very well informed on the latest gear and gadgets. He can fix anything scuba related and  has crazy obsession for restoring vintage double hose regulators (yes we do that too).

Mike Wilson 

Boat Captain, Egineer ''Mr. Fix It ''​, Dive Instructor.

Mike has been teaching SCUBA  locally since the early 80's. He owns a great little dive boat that takes us to all  to our "Secret Spots." He is extremely handy and can fix and engineer just about anything.  He also builds his own underwater scooters that will rival many of the top brands!

NIck Demarco "The Kid"

- Sales, Hydro Tech, Gas Blender 

Nick Worked for us 10 years. He loves to dive as much as the rest of us! He stopped working for us to fufther his dream of becoming a Fire Fighter. He still comes in from time to time and volunteers his services in exchange for dive trips. Nick is always willing to come back to work for a few days when the Hydro station gets backed up.  He's a hard worker and puts his all into his work. Nick is part of the reason we have the fastest hydrostatic turnarounds available!! 

​Roger Davis Owner